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Resources for Healthcare Providers 

At NY Rehab we believe in working closely with all patient care providers to ensure our patients have a clear and successful plan of care. On this page you can find commonly asked provider questions as well as forms that may help in referring your patients to NY Rehab Prosthetics.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why Choose NY Rehab Prosthetics?

At New York Rehab, we're driven to provide each patient with the optimal prosthesis that fits their lifestyle and enables them to live with independence, ease and dignity. Our expert prosthetists are skilled in the most advanced technology and are dedicated to supporting our patients with every step they take. We simplify the often daunting prosthetic process for both the patient and their physicians all while providing custom care to meet our patients' unique and diverse needs. All physicians are updated on their patient’s progress to ensure a seamless care plan.

How Can I Refer My Patient?

  1. Your office or your patient can contact NY Rehab Prosthetics to schedule a free consultation.

  2. The patient will be evaluated by our board-certified prosthetists in our office.

  3. Our office will assist you with all documentation requirements.

  4. The Lab Technicians and Prosthetist will work together to fabricate the patient’s prosthesis and they will be brought in for a fitting appointment.

  5. Patient will receive their custom device!

Physician Forms

Insurance List

Documentation Guidelines

Prosthetic Eval Form

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