How Do Below-Knee Prosthetic Legs Work?​

Also known as BK, transtibial, or TT prostheses, a below-knee prosthetic leg consists of the following:

  • Custom-made socket

  • Liner and support frame

  • Pylon and foot


Every component of a transtibial prostheses in designed to work together to ensure comfort and optimal movement. The socket is crucial to the feel and function of the prostheses. The pylon is essential to providing support and the foot is pivotal to balance and gait.


How Soon After My Amputation Can I Receive A Prosthesis?

While a temporary prosthesis may be available in the weeks following an amputation, it usually takes two-six months for inflammation to subside and surgical wounds to heal before patients can be accurately fit for a permanent prosthesis.


After I Am Cleared For A Prosthesis, How Long Does The Process Take?

The entire process at NY Rehab – from the first consultation to finished prosthesis – takes no more than two weeks. We can expedite this process for out-of-town patients

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