Prosthetics for Children & Adolescents

At NY Rehab, we work with children of all ages who were born with a missing or partial limb, or who lost a limb due to injuries or illness.

Our team strives to not only provide each child with a custom prosthesis to improve mobility, but also takes special care that the process results in greater confidence and a healthy self-image.

From the first consultation through prosthesis fittings and follow-ups, we work to create a caring and comfortable environment for you and your child. Since children are constantly growing, discovering new activities or looking for greater independence, we offer ongoing services to modify, upgrade, or replace their prosthetics.

We design, fabricate and fit and variety of prosthetic devices for children, adolescents and young adults, including:

  • Above-knee prosthetic legs

  • Below-knee prosthetic legs

  • Passive, myoelectric and bionic prosthetic arms

  • Articulating prosthetic hip and shoulder joints

  • Rigid and articulating prosthetic feet

  • Single-axis, polycentric, or microprocessor knees

  • And more…

We also offer physical therapy and rehabilitation services to help children learn and adapt to and become confident with their new prosthetics.