What Types Of Prosthetic Arms Does NY Rehab offer?

NY Rehab offers both passive prosthetic arms and bionic prosthetic arms.


Passive prosthetic arms have parts that are non-articulating and do not allow for movement. A passive prosthetic arm can:

  • Have basic functionality that allows for pushing and pulling actions, as well as supporting and stabilizing motions

  • Be designed with special joints so the arm can hold and carry objects

  • Be fabricated to match skin tone


Bionic prosthetic arms or myoelectric prosthetic arms have moving parts that work via sensor and electrodes. A bionic arm can:

  • Detect the speed and strength of muscle movements and contractions in the residual limb or the shoulder, back and chest areas (if the amputee has lost an entire arm)

  • Operate the various component of the prosthetic arm in a way that mimics natural movement

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