How Do Above-Knee Prosthetic Legs Work?

Also known as AK, transfemoral, or TF prostheses, an above-knee prosthetic leg consists of the following:

  • Custom-made socket

  • Liner and support frame

  • Knee joint unit

  • Pylon and foot


Depending on the nature of the amputation and the residual limb, a transfemoral artificial leg may also include a replacement hip joint (if the entire leg is removed via hemipelvectomy).


Every part of any above-knee prosthesis designed to mimic the function of a real leg by providing support, stability and balance, along with a dynamic range of motion.


How Soon After My Amputation Can I Receive A Prosthesis?

While a temporary prosthesis may be available in the weeks following an amputation, it usually takes two-six months for inflammation to subside and surgical wounds to heal before patients can be accurately fit for a permanent prosthesis.


After I Am Cleared For A Prosthesis, How Long Does The Process Take?

The entire process at NY Rehab – from the first consultation to finished prosthesis – takes no more than two weeks. We can expedite this process for out-of-town patients.

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